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 Michael Crichton

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PostSubject: Michael Crichton   Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:20 pm

This guy is definitely my fa vourite author, I havent read anyting he's written which I didn't enjoy, which says a lot since I find reaing pretty boring unless I have to do it (other than zines and internet i mean, where the conversation or topic is easy to pick)

one of if not my favourite books of all time is definitely eaters of the dead which the movie 13th warrior was based on. The book itself is based on the oldest known scriptures about vikings written in 910AM. Apparently the script's authenticity was confirmed by comparing the villages/towns which were described to the locations when they were excavated

has anyone else read any of Crichton's works? I also highly recommend Sphere of which a movie by the same name was made, And is about a Team of Scientists sent under the Ocean to look at a Huge space ship that's been discovered down there, which has been there for over 300 years.

Jurassic Park and The Lost World are great books by Crichton, better than the jurassic park series by far. I thought the movies were great when I watched them when I was younger and they were in the cinemas, but since reading the books I can't watch the movies anymore

Timeline is a book about time travel and the war between the French and English in the Dordogne region 640 years ago. This was a pretty interesting read too.

The Terminal Man was a book about ground breaking Surgery to put inplants into people's brains so that they could control violent people's behaviour by shocking the brain with electrodes. Naturally brain control goes wrong and the test subject loses his mind and goes off on a violent episode

He was also the creator of the TV series ER and just passed away on 4th November this year from throat cancer.
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Michael Crichton
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