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 Personal Want List

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Hate Supremacist

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PostSubject: Personal Want List   Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:43 pm


These items should be in as close to mint condition as possible and originals only, copies are not wanted. Thanks.

FUNERAL MIST (Swe) - "Havoc" demo tape (please no copies, original only)
FUNERAL MIST (Swe) - "Darkness" demo tape (please no copies, original only)
NOMINON (Swe) - "The True Face of Death" MCD
NOMINON (Swe) - "Blaspheming the Dead" 7" EP and FIRST press tape (no copies please)
VERMINOUS (Swe) - "Smell the Birth of Death" 7" EP
NECROVATION (Swe) - "Chants of Grim Death" 7" EP
NECROVATION (Swe) - "Ovations to Putrefaction" demo tape (no copies please)
NECROVATION (Swe) - "Curse of the Subconscious" split EP
THE DEAD (Aus) - s/t album
THE DEAD (Aus) - Armoured Assasin
THE DEAD (Aus) - Demo I and Demo II
SWORN (Swe) - “Impious Beast Within” MCD
ACRIMONIOUS (Gr) - “Perdition Gospel” TAPE
ACRIMONIOUS (Gr) - “Broken Bonds of Balance” 7" EP
PLAGUE BEARER (USA) - “Rise Of the Goat” 7" EP
DEAD CONGREGATION (Gr) - “Purifying Consecrated Ground” FIRST press tape
IMPURITY (USA) - “Unearthly Affinity” MCD
REVOKATION (Swe) - “Reincarnated Souls of Hell” 7"
DEVILRY / FLAUROS (Fin) - split tape
DEVILRY (Fin) - “Satanasphere” 7" EP
CARCHAROTH (Spa) - “My Father Was A Wolf” demo tape
NECROCCULTUS - “Supreme Occult One...The Underground Abhorrence” EP
TRIBULATION - “Putrid Rebirth” EP
CAUTERIZER - “Then the Snow Fell” EP
DENIAL - “Immense Carnage Vortex” EP

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Goat Terrorist

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PostSubject: Re: Personal Want List   Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:40 am

I have Communion brother.I have send you a pm with other things...
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Personal Want List
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