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 Vinyl For sale

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Amniotic Sac

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PostSubject: Vinyl For sale   Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:17 am


Xasthur- A curse for the lifeless/ Nortt- Hedengang split

Judas Iscariot/ Krieg- To the coming age of intolerance 7" split (491/666)

Burzum- Det som Engang var )Back on black)

Xasthur/ Leviathan 12" split

Nembrionic Hammerdeath- Themes on an occult theory 7"

Darkthrone- Crossing the triangle of flames
Side 1- Under a funeral moon
Side 2- Unholy black metal
LTD Edition 7" rehearsal from 1992

Darkthrone- Return to Ultima Thule 12" (LTD 78/500)
Side 1- Thulcandra demo
E on/ Thulcandra
Archipelago (original demo version)
Side 2- Snowfall (new dimension demo 1988)
Untitled live song (Finland 1991)

Xasthur- Suicide in dark serenity (bestial onslaught)

Nattefrost- Blood and vomit (season of mist)

OFFERS PLEASE...........

Also for sale Liber Falxifer- The book of the left handed reaper. Written by the magister of the TOTBL. Interesting grimoire. First Edition print number 318/434. Now sold out.Give me a decent offer.

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Vinyl For sale
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