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PostSubject: Trade List   Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:51 am

Nothing special here...I am just cleaning shop and looking for some new stuff. Everything here is in Perfect/Near Mint condition...some of them are even new/ your tradelist or offers.


Abigail/Mantak-The Eastern Desekratorz
Barbatos-Live At Factory
Belketre-Ambre Zuerkl Vuorhdrevarvtre (Tragic Empire)
Bestial Holocaust-Final Extermination
Evil Angel-Unholy Fight For Metal
Kulto Maldito-Kulto a la Bestia
Profanatica-Enemy of Virtue dcd
Urgrund-The Graven Sign


Circle of Destruction #1
Cunt Paste #2
Mental Funeral 5 1/2
Putrefactive Effect #4


Amputator/Devastator-Onlsaught of Atomic Filth
Blessed Offal-Rehearsal '05
Bogalj-Primitive Sounds
Demonic Rage/Excoriate-Death Communion
Iguman-Rogati Kopitar
Nocturnal Graves-Deathstorm
Nocturnal Hell=Bestial Worshippers
Nocturnal Vomit-Divine Profanation
Pathogen-Blasphemous Communion
Persecutor-Wings of Death
Shrapnel-Bogan Thrash Attack


Blasphemophager-Atomic Infested Carnage 10"
Blasphemophager/Necroholocaust-Triumph of Abominations 7"
Crowned In Semen/Typhus-And the Black Cum../We Rape the Cunt... 7"
Discider-Drinking To Forget the Future clear 7"
Discider/Black Market Fetus split 7"
Dwarves Tribute-Fuck You Up and Get High x2 7"
Haemoth-Satanik Terrorism 12"
Havohej-Tungkat Blood Wand 10"
Irae/In Thy Flesh-From the Deepest Night 7"
Mantak/Enshadowed-The Art of Blasphemies/Nekrosimon 7"
Northern Alliance-Death Anthems For A World of Shit 7"
Nunslaughter-The Rotting Christ 7"
Reason of Insanity/Sick Abuse red 7"
Reason of Insanity/Bread and Water purple splatter 7"
Slaughter-Fuck of Death picture 12"
The Pallbearers-Drinking With the Dead green 7"
Thralldom-A Murderous Magus... blue 7"`
Tudor-Ultra Black Metal x2 12"

Carnal Sadist Productions
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Trade List
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