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Hate Supremacist

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PostSubject: SFM : MASSIVE TAPE CLEARANCE SALE! ONLY $2.50 EACH!   Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:49 pm

ALL TAPES BELOW ARE ONLY $2.50 each plus shipping. Please send all orders to

AKRAMEN-"Esclavos Del Nuevo Orden" DEMO TAPE (Killer old styled thrash metal from Chilie,FistBang Records 2007-limited to 500 hand numbered copies)

AEIOU-"F.H.T." PRO DEMO TAPE (Russian Aryan Black Metal,Side project of Wewelsburg, limited to 500 hand numbered copies,Othal Prod./Terrorwolfe Prod. 2005)

ARS ANTIOUA-"In Red Nights" PRO DEMO TAPE (Mexican 90's black/death metal)

BUGARL-"Forst Shadows" DEMO TAPE (self-depravation and hateful Dark ambient,2005)

BLACK BLEEDING-"The Awakening" DEMO TAPE (5 trax of death/black metal with powerful sound!Released by Nihilistic Holocaust recs)

BEMDESAR-"En El Nombre De Satanas...!!!" DEMO TAPE (One of my favourite bm bands, satanic black metal from Bolivia ,limited to 1150 hand numbered copies)

CAST IN STONE-"Demoncrypt" DEMO TAPE (Raw doom metal from Finland rare 2001 demo)

CAVATICUS- "Amentia" DEMO TAPE (The tape version of the Demo CDR "Amentia" (10 tracks) originaly produced by RESISTANCIA UNDERGROUND + the "Daemonium Anattaminatis Live" Demo (14 tracks on Live) on Bonus !!! Raw French Agnostic Black. Pro black & white printed artwork,Infernal Kommando Records)

CARMINA/AMETHYSTE/ATROPHY/DARKLORD 4 WAY SPLIT TAPE(brutal death metal/obscure black/death on NihilisticHolocaust)

DAWN OF DIVISION-"Awaiting The Dawn" PRO TAPE (Insane Greek Majestic Black Metal ,GraveYard Records 666,2005)

DAWN OF DIVISION-"Outrage Of Desolation" PRO TAPE (Majestical bm...Highly recommended! Self Released,2003)

DEVILISH ERA-"Under The Aegis Of The Megathropist" PRO DEMO TAPE (Insane & Depressive Black Metal With Tortured Vocals! A Real Must!!! France)

DEVIANT-"Tools Of Termination" DEMO TAPE (Brutal old styled death metal from Sweden)

DROWNED-"Where Dark And Light Divide" PRO DEMO TAPE (Old styled death/thrash metal)

DEINOS MASTEMA-"Ruines" DEMO TAPE (Killer suicidal black metal from France,, Eisiger Mond Productions 2006 *Last Copy*)

DRUNK EARTH-"Returnable Bottle" DEMO TAPE (Drunk n roll from Wrath of Dodsferd Fame (greece) limited to 300 hand numbered copies,Fistbang Records *Highly Recommended)

DYING CREED-"Under The Surface" DEMO TAPE (Rare Finnish death metal demo from 1997)

DAHMER / DIARRHEE MENTALE / CARCASS GRINDER THREE WAY SPLIT TAPE (bootleg version of this classic grind release)

ELISABETHA "Demeter" PRO CASSETTE (Neo Classical Black Metal / Draculas journey from transylvania to London,limited to 500 hand numbered copies,W.A.R.)

EVERCRY-"A Timeless Aura" PRO DEMO TAPE (Gothic/Atmospheric Metal from Sweden,now known as marble arch)

EVEMASTER-"In Thine Majesty" DEMO TAPE (melodic dark metal from Finland,1996)

GORGONIZED DORKS-"Man Is A Fruit Salad" PRO DEMO TAPE (American Goregrind madness,limited to 200 hand mumbered copies,BringerOfGore 2005)

HREFNESHOLT-"Hrefnesvinter" PRO CASSETTE (Pagan Ambient Demo from 2002,Hallucination zine)

HELLSPAWN-"Demo 2006" PRO DEMO TAPE (Hed chopping old styled death metal from Poland,limited to 500 copies)

KILLERS-"Habemus Metal" PRO TAPE LP (Long running classic french speed/heavy metal band.Brennus Music 2002)

LUCIFUGUM-"Sectane Satani" PRO TAPE (Ukraine black metal full length,Propaganda 2007)

MALEDICTUM / BLACK MOON SPLIT DEMO TAPE "CALL FROM THE GRAVE" (very extreme raw hellish black metal split from Chile, both bands will tear your head off!)

MALEFICARUM-"Consecrartum Interfector" PRO TAPE (Raw fast black metal hailing from Belarus,2000 Flaming Arts)

MORBID UPHEAVAL / CAPRA HIRCUS SPLIT TAPE (ITA/USA-The official tape version of the Aura Mystique vinyl MLP...Morbid Upheaval offer up intense old school death while Capra Hircus even outdo the great goat metal assult demo with great war metal,2005)

NEKROSIS-"Deathraid" DEMO TAPE (intense fist fucking blasphemy done as the ancient Finnish scene produced,2003 Eternal Darkness Creations)

PAGANFIRE / EVIL ATTACK SPLIT PRO CASSETTE (Killer old styled thrash metal holocaust split!,limited to 666 hand numbered copies,RawBlackult Productions 2007)

PERVERSE-"Blunt Of Stench" PRO TAPE (Raw Polish black/death/grind Few copies remaining!! eeeek)

RECIDIVIST-"Persistent Offender" PRO DEMO TAPE (old styled death metal from Malaysia in the Bolt Thrower/Obituary way)

RAW HATRED-"War In The Kingdom Of Heaven / Heaven Fell" PRO DEMO TAPE (Disgusting American war/black metal 2005)

RAW HATRED-"Southern Hell Rehersal Tape" CASSETTE (A new rehersal of this vicious American black metal band featuring covers of VON & SLAUGHTER! Not too be missed tape from a band that is about to go somewhere soon!)

SOULLESS-"Peri Psyches" DEMO TAPE (Obscure Brutal death from Poland,limited to 150 copies)

TERRORAZOR-"Ask The Dead" DEMO TAPE (The 7th demo from this Amazing hard hitting old styled grindcore assult,self released 2008)

TERRORAZOR- "After The End" PRO DEMO TAPE (Resentless futuristic grindcore from Germany,self released 2007)

WITENAGEMOT-"Old Brave Gallery" PRO CASSETTE (Classic Ambient,BloodHead Production 2004)
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Amniotic Sac

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PostSubject: Re: SFM : MASSIVE TAPE CLEARANCE SALE! ONLY $2.50 EACH!   Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:35 pm

If I had some more money this would totally be a blind buy heaven.
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