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 Brazilian Assault

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PostSubject: Brazilian Assault   Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:25 pm

I picked up a promo I had reviewed years ago and after a lot of years I like it even more.
It was the "Brazilian Assault" compilation cd released by Relapse Records. I think it was a kind of compilation of the best underground demos in death metal, grind core and so on... In fact there was a Japanese, a Czech and a Dutch assault too.... I have the dutch somewhere and I think that there were Last Days of Humanity and S.M.E.S. ... on the japanese I can't remember...
The bands that were hosted from Brazil were ABHORRENCE , OPHIOLATRY, NEPHASTH and MENTAL HORROR
At the time I was CRAZY about Mental Horror and Abhorrence... Right now I like Abhorrence and one or two Ophiolatry song more.
All the four bands were deeply influenced by american death & thrash metal bands, Mental Horror very chaotic so I couldn't compare it with no one...
Does some of you listened to the latest stuff from these four bands? More brazilian death metal?
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Brazilian Assault
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