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 Nuclear War Now Fest

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Goat Terrorist

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PostSubject: Nuclear War Now Fest   Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:10 am

this looks like the best fest of the year i think.

NOVEMBER 13th and 14th 2009
Postbahnhof Club, Berlin Germany

The unholy legions are summoned to gather for the first NWN international black/death/thrash live ritual.

Ares Kingdom (USA): Deathrash performed with class and grace
Bone Awl (USA): Minimal black metal
Midnight (USA): 80’s black metal
Revenge (Canada): Canadian attack metal
Villains (USA): Fistful of street metal
Morbosidad (USA/Mexico): Morboso black death metal
Proclamation (Spain): Bestial legions of darkness and impurity
Blasphemophagher (Italy): Alcoholic black death
Terrorama (Sweden): Black thrash
Embrace of Thorns (Greece): Bestial black death with elements of doomy death
Hellias (Poland): True Polish evil thrash metal
Dead Congregation (Greece): Abyssic death metal
Nocturnal Graves (Australia): Australian barbarian bestial deathrash
Ignivomous (Australia): Pure doomy death
Abigail (Japan): Perverted thrashing black metal
Pest (Germany): Black metal

might see helkamp join ares kingdom to play a OFC cover as they did that few yrs back in the states
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Amniotic Sac

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PostSubject: Re: Nuclear War Now Fest   Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:40 am

Pretty much straight on my exams and I'm allready going to Finland, so to trip for me.. It do look good though. Morbosidad would have been great!
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Nuclear War Now Fest
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