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 Some rare vinyls to sale...

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PostSubject: Some rare vinyls to sale...   Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:29 am

I sell some more or less rare vinyls, no price and i accept only paypal, just make me offers or trade (see my wantlist under the list):


Altar of Perversion: Adgnosco...
Satanic Warmaster: Of the night
Branstock / Odal / Deathgate Arckanum / Cultus split


Arghoslent: Galloping...
Veles: The black...
Halgadom: Verdunkelung...
Nachtfalke: Land of frost
Die Saat: Niedergang
Menhir: Thuringia
Burzum: Hlidskjalf (Black on Black)
Burzum: Daudi Baldrs (same)
The True Frost: 10 years
The True Frost: Open...
Kathaarian: Cryptic temples...
Vordr / Volkurah / Bone Awl / Hammer split
Vordr: II
Odal: Sturmes brut
Aske: R.I.P.
Horna / Sacrificia Mortuorum split
Surturs Lohe: Wo Einst...
Iron Maiden: Killers

Not metal stuff:
Tangerine Dream: Hyperborea
Tangerine Dream: White eagle
Benoit Hutin: Synth├ętiseur
Supertramp: Even in the...

I want to complete these bands discographies, so just send me your list (ONLY CD):

Cenotaph (mex), Archgoat, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Armagedda, Asphyx, Bergraven, Cemetary (early), Crematory (swe), Crypt of Kerberos, Death SS, Disembowelment, Eucharist, Forbidden Site, Funebrarum, God Macabre, Mordicus, Mystifier, Necromass, Paul Chain, Pestilence (early), Root, Sadist (ita), Sadistic Intent, Tristitia, Unanimated (early), Unholy (Second Ring... only), Death (Individual... only), Gorement.
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Some rare vinyls to sale...
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