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 Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!

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PostSubject: Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!   Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:28 am

hails bastards of death!!!
here JC MORBID carrying some bestial Metal from the southamerican underground!!! some of the last arrivals to my small, underground and malignant distro are:

-Mariana Nannis - demo: absolutely lustful, primitive and weird Black / Punk / Doom Metal. Recorded in minimalistic ways, including more than 25 tracks with morbid intros and lyrics. Xeroxed/original, official covers & simple homedubbed tape.

-Nefario - "This is the True Satanic Victory" demo: it is a kind of Blackened, bestial & occult Deathrash Metal in a rawer mood! Featuring 5 tracks with titles as: "The Unholy Lightning", "Black Candles", "Into the Occult" or "Children of the Night"!!. Gloosy cover with lyrics and pics, showing also a raw / primitive cover art and occult handmade frames. Simple tape.

-Black Vul Destruktor - "Volition+Invocation+Destruction" demo: other beast from the Argentinian lands. In 4 tracks it sounds savage and very "Metal Negro de Muerte Destruktor"!!!. Crude riffs and a blaster drums with some changes. Gloosy cover with lyrics inside & simple homedubbed fucking tape!!!

(3 bands from Argentina)


Bestial Holocaust (Bolivia) - "Final Exterminación" tape.
Black / Death / Thrash assault from Bolivian lands!!! 10 tracks. Pro cover (including lyrics), sticker for tape.

Hadez (Perú) - "Doomsday: The Death Rides" tape.
DEATH METAL FROM PERÚ!!! The last album release of this Death Horde from Perú, showing new line up, and brutal / bestial obscure sounds!!! Pro cover with lyrics inside, tape with sticker.

Caligula (Paraguay) - "Graveyard Ritual" demo tape.
6(66) tracks of Paraguayan Black / Thrash Metal. Twisted vocals, raw riffs & bestial drums!!! Printed gloosy cover; simple tape.

Death Invoker (Perú) - Demo 2010:
666 invokations to death in morbid and unholy Peruvian blackened speed death Metal ways!!! (reviews and info)


--Proclamation of Doom zine (Chile): featuring Unholy Force, Neutron Hammer, Post Mortem, Beyond Death, War Ritual, Putrid Skull & Anal Vomit. 24 xeroxed pages, "letter size" (more than A5, less than A4), spanish written.

I also have other stuff (zines, patches, cdrs, demo tapes from Asia, Europe, etc); in malignant contact!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!   Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:33 am

in matter of prices offer the price you want!!!!!
i look here if it sounds fair or not!!
Evil Spirit distro (here's) no money, just Metal!!!
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Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!
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