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 Death Invocation

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Amniotic Sac

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PostSubject: Death Invocation   Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:33 am

DEATH INVOCATION - underground cassette-label
More info and samples at and
Contact: deathinvocation(at)hotmail(dot)se

Upcoming tapes:
DIR 009: HIN HÅLE "Beyond"
- Black/Speed Metal, for fans of 80's Black Metal. Reminds of bands such as Mefisto, Treblinka, Nifelheim etc.

DIR 010: NECROCURSE "Chaos Carnage Cataclysm"
- Death Metal including members of Runemagick, Nifelheim and Masticator. One of the better bands these days, with the classic Swedish Death Metal sound.
- This is the official tape-version of the 7" (on Aftermath Music), and it includes a bonustrack not on the vinyl.

DIR 008: ZOBIBOR "In Transylvania"
- First EP. Filthy punk / death / black metal...

Other releases, still available:
DIR 002: Elimination "The Dead" (Thrash Metal, both their demos)
DIR 003: V/A "Invocation of Death vol.1" (Death Metal mixtape.. Eviscerated, Vanhelgd Gravehammer etc. 10 bands)
DIR 006: Reincarnage "Black Vision" (Obscure Death Metal)
DIR 007: Mordant "Suicide Slaughter" (Black Metal)
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Death Invocation
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